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Hello, friend~

This is Yonkie Boo's page uvu

Kitty by Syumi

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChocoYonk | 15 | Female| Pan | Agnostic | Squished with 11 Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco
She/Her is preferred

Kitty by Syumi

Hello friend~ I'm Yonk. Please call me such. I am a female who prefers She/her pronouns and tries to be as friendly and helpful as I can, even when I'm not feeling my best. I would love to talk, so dont be afraid to drop a comment on my profile or send me a note, yeah?

Kitty by Syumi

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChocoHOW TO APPROACHBullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco
Note Me, Comment on my art, page, or journal, And be yourself. I'll be friends with basically anyone. I don't care your age, your gender, your sexuality, your race, your species -- Please, If you need someone, talk to me!! I love to listen, and I will be more than happy to have a conversation if you wanna have one. <3

Kitty by Syumi

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChocoYONKIE'S TO DO LIST - probably not in orderBullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

1 thru 4.) LIB - PAID - 1/5
5.) Refeild - UNPAID - 0/1
6 thru 8. ) Anqry - PAID - 3/6
12?.) eemoxe - PAID - 1/2 ???

(Six and wren bullets by Flaamez)

Dont be shy ! Talk to me about....

Things I like!!

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco FANDOMS! Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

Homestuck - behind
MLP - behind
Warriors - behind...?
Adventure Time - behind
Steven Universe - behind
Doctor Who - behind
Welcome to Nightvale -ACTUALLY CAUGHT UP
The Property of Hate - caught up
Gravity falls - behind
The Walking Dead - caught up
Is Superjail a fandom? - behind

Kitty by Syumi

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco Music!! Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

Maria Mena + Nicole Dollanganger + Panic!At the Disco
Johnny cash + Eminem + The Beach boys
The Living Tombstone + Eile Monty + VOCALOID


Kitty by Syumi

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco MY FAVORITES!! Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco
Animal -- CATS
Color -- Orange
Food -- Idek Im Picky..pickles?
Drink -- Faygo Moon Mist
Season -- Fall

(Hoodie and Peyton bullets by Flaamez - hoodie gifted to me by Imfen)

And-- Hey!


Kitty by Syumi

If you wanna Thank me for a watch or fav, just note me, yeah? Id like to cut down on clutter a little, but Im certainly open to anybody who wants to pop in and say hello!~

Kitty by Syumi

I wanna give a huge thank-you to cannibal-nightmares, for making me feel comfortable, happy, and always putting a smile on my face. They literally //always// make me smile and laugh no matter how down or upset I am. I hope one day I can make them feel the same way I do.

Kitty by Syumi

And another shout out to the amazing Anqry -- for just being there. Sweet, kind, and friendly. This person gives gifts to total strangers, they bring light into a dark world, and many times they've put a smile on my face. Go on over and give her a tight hug-- she says she loves hugs-- and show her some of the love and compassion she shows others, because she deserves it. She deserves so much that I alone cannot give her..

Kitty by Syumi

YONK'S STATUS: Updated 8/9/2015 at 4:05 PM EST
How did I get so lucky??

My Lovelies~

Yonkie's Lovelies~

Kitty by Syumi

ExiledGriffin - Idol, Inspiration, and a great friend, and that's not even a fourth of how great this person is. <3

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

hoz-boz - Funny, talented, and just plain amazing !~ did I mention friendly..?

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

cannibal-nightmares - I hope one day I can be as freakin cool as you are, Ziggs. Stay awesome!!~

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

Anqry - This person is amazingly kind, friendly, and generous, and they revive my dying faith in humanity.

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

Brokenwing160 - words cannot describe how much I love this human being and how much love they deserve that they don't get

Kitty by Syumi

My Lovely Friends <3

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco cannibal-nightmares Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco Luminols Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco Anqry Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco beachtowns Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco Brokenwing160 Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco ExiledGriffin Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco hoz-boz Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco ibdancen Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco Imfen Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco INDOMlNUS Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco PaleBlackEye Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco refield Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco


Yonkvday112 has started a donation pool!
404 / 1,000

Donations are welcome and VERY appreciated!! Even just one point will make my day!! : )

******* hugs *******
I hope you have a wonderful day. : )

that cute icon up there by the awesome cannibal-nightmares

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I'm just afraid 

1 deviant said I watch people I was close to fade away.
1 deviant said I watch people ignore me when I dont know what I did to hurt them.
No deviants said Of losing my friends.
No deviants said It seems like I messed something up.
No deviants said I wonder If I should just
No deviants said stop talking to people.


Things to remember:

Kitty by Syumi

I love you all so much. Never forget that okay?
Im always here for you, don't ever forget that.
Even if we've never met, I'm right here for you if you ever need anyone to lean on.

Kitty by Syumi

Anyone who's having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month.. I hope today is better. Take today to let your body rest and heal and nourish itself, even if it's just for an hour. Take a warm shower or a bath. Light some candles. eat something healthy for you and feel better. I love you. <3

Kitty by Syumi

Im open to hug anytime, anywhere. You are an amazing person, and you deserve hugs. You take today and you love you.

Kitty by Syumi

Don't let anyone tell you you're not worth it. Especially not the person in the mirror. Because even if you think nobody cares about you, Im here to tell you that I care.
Even if we've never breathed a word to each other, I know youre worth it and I'm going to be here until you see what I do.

Kitty by Syumi

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Inhale, exhale. Then open them again.
You. Will. Always. Matter. To. Me.
Forget what that tiny voice in your head is saying and for these short moments, focus on what you're reading.
I will always be here
No matter what.
Dont be reluctant to come to me, crying and afraid.
I'm here to help you because you are my friend.

Kitty by Syumi

"No one is a stranger the moment you say hello."

(Static and geoff bullets by Flaamez)




"Hasta la vista and fuck you with a cactus." - Passion-Heart-Xelix 2k15

Go and Give These People a Hug, please

I care about you guys. <3

These are people I care about who are going through rough times. They need all the love they can get... spread some smiles!!




If I find out you came from my page to put these people down I will find you and i will put you through hell : )




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